es7123 Holy Shit, Skanky! Villagers beware! Electric Frankenstein, NYC's baddest bare-knuckle back-alley bar-flys, have unleashed their maddest blast yet...the "You're So Fake" Estrus 7" Single! A .357 chrome plated pistol-whippin' of pure, door smashin' rock'n'fuckin'roll! baby! That's right, America's premier purveyors of lean, mean and green bad ass Atomic Rock'n'Roll have delivered the goods yet again with this head severin' seven-inch shocker! An untamed, bad brained, one-eyed monsterpiece guaranteed to snap your spleen and make you scream! And while yer gettin' offed, get a load of the eyeball-meltin' full-color jacket designed by the infamous Arthur S.W. Chantry II. You have been warned, best get on it quick, Mick, and don'tcha flinch, 'cuz this sucka ain't gonna stand around all day asking questions, dig?.So, bring those turbines to speed and throw the switch with Electric Frankenstein and their electrifying "You're So Fake" Estrus Seven-Inch Single!