DEE RANGERS: "Don't!/Hot Ice" 7" ES7124

es7124 Deetest the deecline of deecent deestructive deebauchery? Don't deeclare deefeat, get deemented with the Dee Rangers! That's right, Sweden's table-top hockey addicts and sick as fuck rock n' roll savants are back with a second round of double-fisted and twisted mafioso maelstrom on their deepravitory "Don't!/Hot Ice" Seven -Inch Single! A raucous R&B injection of electrocharged Garage /Beat perfection that hits like a mangled bigbeat bisection of early-Nomads pyscho sonica and Neckbreakers agnostica. Irreverent thump and wail for the deestructo set...the DEE RANGERS! Cover by Art Chantry. LIMITED EDITION OF 1000 COPIES. FIRST 150 COPIES PRESSED ON BOMBASTIC BLUE WAX.