THE SWITCH TROUT "Psychodestruct" 2x7" EP ES7127/8

es7127-8 Attention citizens of Earth! BEWARE! - phase two of the Switch Trout invasion is underway! That's right, Mookie, Japan's premiere purveyors of ass kickin' all-instro psychoskank, SWITCH TROUT, have their fuzz guns fully charged and set to get yer hips-a-shakin' with their psychosomatic stylus stomper, the "Psychodestruct" 2x7"ep! Surfacing hot on the heels of last years debut scouting mission, the highly acclaimed "Rod Action" 7" e.p., SWITCH TROUT have recruited Gasoline skin slammer supreme Shuhei Rock and shelled out six sonar jamming pulses of psychosonic smash-o-rama clinically proven to totally trash tall buildings with a single sound, and if that weren't enough burn fer yer buck, Chuck, all this mind numbing mayhem comes tucked in a deluxe full-color gatefold jacket from the twisted temple of the Abominable Alex Wald! So don't delay fillet ...order "Psychodestruct" today!! Limited Edition of 1,000 copies.