ESTRELLA 20/20 "Brown Queenie Yeh Yeh"7" ES7135 

es7135 The Young Lions Conspiracy's newest recruits and Japan's one and only self proclaimed "god dumb band" Estrella 20/20 have double parked their mangled bad ass dirty groove machine at Estrus H.Q. and clocked in with a dirty blues infused testament of trash on their debut US release, the "Brown Queenie Yeh Yeh" 7" ep! Best batten down the blast hatch, Satch, 'cause this head whuppin' wad o' wax packs in three over the top smash n' crash mondo distro soul shakin' shit streaks, that seep the same twisted sweat soaked sewage as Jack O' Fire, The Oblivians and The Lord High put the needle down on your stinky records brother and gear up for some mangled bad groove grime from Japan's tantamount trash/blues trio, Estrella 20/20, and their "Brown Queenie Yeh Yeh" 7" ep. Recorded by Tim Kerr at Sweatbox. "LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000 COPIES"