THE NERVES: "Midnight Sun" 7" ES7143

es7143Hot on the heels of their electrifying new long player, NEW ANIMAL (Thrilljockey), come two muthafuckin' gems from NERVES. This EXCLUSIVE Estrus single was recorded under the watchful eye of the MIDNIGHT SUN at the band's CHICAGO headquarters. Known for their extravagant and explosive live shows they have built up a ravenous & devoted cadre of fanatics & followers. NERVES have tapped into the other side of desire; dark, powerful, and seductive. MURDER never sounded so sweet. And obsession never sounded this goddamn LOUD!!! THIS IS ROCK & ROLL, sexed-up, damaged, and dangerous. So git yer liquor, yer women, yer mojo, and hitch a ride. It's always midnight somewhere. Limited Edition of 1,000 copies.