THE BLOWTOPS: "Menacing Sinstress" 7" EP ES7146

es7146 Buffalo, NY's four piece freak of nature, THE BLOWTOPS, follow up their past three 7" slabs and frenzied fuzz fucked and amazing "Deep Thrust" LP/CD (on Flying Bomb) with three new horrific stabs of voodoo, sex, and white noise rock 'n' roll that'll burn a hole straight thru your rotten psyche on their fuzz drenched Estrus Records debut, the "Menacing Sinstress" 7" EP. Grab hold of your eye sockets, cause these twisted fucks' mix of early Cramps crud and Pussy Galore thud seethes with frenzied fuzz drenched depravity that is an unpure addiction, baby...So, give into the hideous throb of THE BLOWTOPS and their mind numbing "Menacing Sinstress" 7" need this like a junkie needs a fix. LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000 COPIES.