SWITCH TROUT "Cuttlefish Boogie" 7" EP ES7147

es7147Time to strap on those electric snowshoes 'cause Japans brain blisterin' all instro fuzz gunners the SWITCH TROUT have thrown out the high tension power line and dredged up three brand new post "Psycho Action" blasts of Wrayman inspired trash on their "Under The Wire" 7" ep. Ragged n' raw non-surf madness from these risin' sons of bitches that'll have you peelin' up the floor and bashing down doors! Word is the SWITCH TROUT are gonna finally be making their way the U.S. later this year, so peel those eyes, swat those flies and and prime it up with the SWITCH TROUT "Under The Wire" 7" ep! LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000 COPIES. FULL COLOR TROUT-O-FONIC JACKET BY JOHNNY BARTLETT. Also Available from SWITCH TROUT: "Psycho Action!" CD, "Rod Action" 7" ep, "Psychodestruct" 2x7".