THE GOLDEN GUINEAS "Shit or Bust" 7" EP ES7150

es7150THE REVOLUTION WILL BE AMPLIFIED!!! Yeah! Rock Action Army comin' thru. It's the four man assault team called the GOLDEN GUINEAS....Flyin' Brian, Big Jim, Wild Wild Jane an' Demolition Dave KNOW guitars don't change the World (their mamas didn't raise no fools, fool) an' they just wanna rock yours, baby! The first Rock Action salvo to blow your backs off is a 45 extended play buzzbomb by the name o' "Shit or Bust", spreadin' the word of excessive wattage ('Turn It Up'), naked amphetamine abuse ('Roadside Repair'), an' bowin' down to lost soldiers of the Rock Action Army (Supercharger's 'All About Judy'). Mainland Europe & the Americas better watch their backs 'cos the GOLDEN GUINEAS will be takin' the Iron Bird(man) pretty soon to Search (out others to join the action) and Destroy!! "The GOLDEN GUINEAS: old enough to know better....too fuckin' cool to care!!" LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000 COPIES.