TRICKY WOO "Trouble" 7" Single ES7153

es7153Time to burn it up, ÎCause Montreal's' mavens of power pulsein', magneto rock În' roll, TRICKY WOO, have delivered two new mega thrust double barreled blasts on their debut Estrus slab, the "Trouble" 7" single. TRICKY WHO? TRICKY MUTHA FUKKIN' WOO! The undisputed power rock muscle flexers above the 49th parallel! With three thundermuggin' full-length releases under their wheels, including last years' amazing "Sometimes I Cry" CD, and an explosive live show honed by non-stop touring the WOO are set to spread their hi-energy brand of hi-watted, hi-test stomp n' shout to parts unknown! Reference points: MOUNTAIN meets MAYFIELD meets MAINSTREET meets MINOR THREAT. Young, loud and LOUDER. Throw it down and Turn it up...Dig! TRICKY WOO "Trouble" 7" single. LIMITED EDITION OF 1000 COPIES.