BANTAM ROOSTER "I, Gemini" 7" ES7154

es7154BANTAM ROOSTER, Detroits' deranged deputies of stripped down, two-piece, guitar/bass, destructo twang angst, make their Estrus Records vinyl splashdown with two brand new slices of raw n' dirty slash n' trash recorded by Mr. Jim Diamond at the one and only Ghetto Studios. This twin track stiletto heeled sci-fi shit rock slugfest acts as a prelude to the bands upcoming full-length zeitgeist due out this spring, and expounds the joys of multiple personality disorders and being a rock n' roll Sandman. Are you ready, Runner? Ready for the BANTAM ROOSTER "I, Gemini" 7" single? There is no Sanctuary.... BANTAM ROOSTER "I, Gemini" 7" single. LIMITED EDITION OF 1000 COPIES.