THE BLOW UP "Microscope" 7" Single ES7157

es7157Verily, the truth has already been amplified a thousand fold, but apparently no one's been listening. Perhaps it just ainÕt been loud enough. Here to rectify the situation is a trio of panic-stricken noise junkies straight from the heart of Smack City, standard bearers for the white noise revolution and the feedback solution. Cursed, shunned, deemed unclean and uncool by their former outfits (Gimmicks, Inhalants, Tokyo Drifters), The Blow Up is a team of sound scientists bent on initiating the hypnotized, desensitized and antagonized wayward youth into the Church of Adrenaline. Slaving away in a soundproof stronghold miles below the frozen surface, their devious experiments with the sonic wave have produced an abominable creation bearing similar characteristics to Black Flag, Wire or the Lord High Fixers, but is in actuality something altogether more hideous. This recorded specimen delivers two sharp pains to the base of the skull, recorded by thee most exalted noisemaster, Tim Kerr. Come forth, lout, and be counted. THE BLOW UP "Microscope" 7" Single...ESTRUS ES7157...Limited Edition of 1,000 copies.