THE SWITCH TROUT "Sonic Masters" 7" Single ES7161

es7161Locked, loaded and ready to fire! It's tine to set those fuzzguns to stun and run paint, RUN, 'cause, Yokkaichi, Japan's "Sonic Masters" of all-instro trash n' bash, THE SWITCH TROUT, have crash landed on these shores once again with their two-song snake handling shitfest, the "Sonic Masters" seven-inch. Primal n' Raw Wrayman inspired slop delivered with the force of a diamond tipped armor piercing stiletto heel to the eye-hole. This here is Lo-fi, ass crampin' stomp for the sleazy ridin' set, dig?...So, Saddle on up, Smack Daddy, and enjoy the long slide down with THE SWITCH TROUT "Sonic Masters" 7" Single! ESTRUS ES7161...Limited Edition of 1,000 copies. Jacket design by Art Chantry, Esq.