Step back Jack and git ready to wipe some grease offa your lobes ‘cause THE DIPLOMATS OF SOLID SOUND have invited you to pull up a chair and help yerself to some down home, southern-fried, all-instro “Memphis Soul Stew” on their grits n’ gravy fortified Estrus Records 7” single, entitle appropriately enuff...“Porkchop”. This follow-up to the band’s self-released “Instrumental Action Soul” CD finds THE DIPLOMATS spicin’ up their ground zero Booker T grooves with some heavy funk fortified JB’s/Meters shake n bake get down that is sure to get things moving from the top of yer toes to the back of yer ‘fros! So, Grab that stack of extra napkins and dig on in to THE DIPLOMATS OF SOLID SOUND “Porkchop” 7” single...guaranteed to exceed your daily funk fortification recommendations! SLEEVE DESIGN BY ART CHANTRY...LIMITED EDITON OF 700 COPIES ON COLOR WAX.