THEE BUTCHERS ORCHESTRA "In Glorious Rock and Roll" 7” EP ES7165

Batten down those neck bolts and get yerself’s ready for some psycho sound surgery supreme from Brazil’s numero uno trash/skronk A-Team, THEE BUTCHERS ORCHESTRA and their 3-song Estrus Records debut, the “In Glorious Rock and Roll” 7” EP. These three brothers butchers have a trio of stripped down full-length releases in their homeland, including one produced by Dan Kroha (ex-Gories, current Demolition Doll Rods), and push their “Goreatic” caveman stomp thru a piss stained electrified chain link fence, mixing liberally with aggressive old skool punk/blues manna and churn out lo-fi latin jungle bop with two trashed out guitars and raw drums providing all the shake your hips are ever gonna need. So, lock up yer knives and run for your lives ‘cause THEE BUTCHERS ORCHESTRA are here...In Glorious Rock and Roll” now, baby! SLEEVE DESIGN BY ART CHANTRY...LIMITED EDITON OF 700 COPIES ON COLOR WAX.