BOOM! Roarin, up outta the same swampy ‘burg that spawned Estrash Wreckerds come the STAR SPANGLED BASTARDS! And they ain’t here to fawk around, nope! They’re here to lap up all yer barbecue, broads, and beer in cans (first things first) then hammer yer monkey skull with fiery Rendezvous-Band(aged) riffs and Teenage Head(wound) kicks! Yassiree, on this, their debut slab, the Bastards kick out los jams with enough booze-fueled wreck ‘n, drool glory to make Fred “Sonic” Smiff roll fer joy in his motor-city grave. If Sanford & Son woulda unearthed trash this hot they coulda moved on up to Melrose! Equip yerself with an ocean of Calamine lotion for rubbin, on yer speakers ‘fore you set the needle to this saucer, ‘cuz these cats (nay, dogs!) flat-out rock harder than an epileptic Samoan in a swing! Swig it ‘n, dig it, baby! SLEEVE DESIGN BY ART CHANTRY...LIMITED EDITON OF 700 COPIES ON COLOR WAX.