THE WEDNESDAYS "Mystery" 7" ES7168

es7158“Rebellion is the Circle of a Lovers Hands...calling you...politician, preacher, police man....calling you, calling you...” Into the eyes of the blind, into the hearts of the soulless. The Wednesdays are back with three more hits for the dead, for the burned, for the downtrodden and forgotten. Revelation time, like Max Romeo says. Young Lions forever, like big daddy Kerr says. Its music for rainy nights and lost highways. If you missed out on the “Spirit War” 7”, then heed the call. If you have born witness to the full energy live assault of the Wednesdays, then you know already. The trio from north Alabama howls at you again from the depths of Sarcophagus Studios; three new songs. You must believe... LIMITED EDITON OF 700 COPIES ON COLOR WAX.