THE INVISIBLE MEN: "Hunt You Down" 7" ES778

es778Seattle's seldom seen lo-fi sharpshooters The Invisible Men have brewed up a second smokin' batch of Claude Rainesian rants for their spaNkin; new Estrus Records debut, the "Hunt You Down" 7"ep. This slab follows last years way cool "Frustrator" ep on Rat City Records and like the latter is a madness inducing mixture of pissed off punk and greasy garage gunk allegedly conjured up by past and present members of The Fallouts, The Statics and The Nightkings! A four-song fire hazard so totally terrifying that it will push you to the very brink on insanity! Bare bones, scratchy two chord rock n' roll recorded direct to 4-track at Johnny Vinyl Laboratories with no overdubs or studio tricks to muck up the mix. Get the picture? Now get da record!