MONO MEN "Cross Alley Stomp" 7" EP ES788

es788Calling all Keglers! it's time to grab yer balls and head for the alley 'cause those notorious kingpins of krap, the Mono Men, are back with a pin shatterin' seven-inch schleifer that's guaranteed to add 10-pins to your score...the cask conditioned "Cross Alley Stomp" ep! Four full hit fandangos recorded live and raw at Tom Sparrow's now infamous "Strip n' Bowl" bachelor party in beautiful downtown Normal, IL. The bulk of this show was documented on last year's lane burnin' "T.S.B" 10"/CD...but rest assured that there's no double balling here my friends, no siree, Îcause the "Cross Alley Stomp" 7" ep presents the previously unreleased balance of that brazen bash in all it's drunken "Bowl-o-Phonic" glory..and as an added bonus those dipsticks at Estrus Leagues Ltd. have wrapped the whole thing up in a full-color, die-cut, foil stamped, bowling ball shaped sleeve that's limited to 2,000 copies. Yow!