es7967After years of tag-team negotiations...Mexico's #1 masked wrestler, SANTO, and America's shimmy-shakin' lease- breakin' superstars, SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS, have joined forces once again for the uncomparable "SANTO SWINGS!" 2x7"/CD! Yes, my friends this is SANTO as you'll never hear him, playing his big hit "Viva Del Santo" plus Five other swinging tunes in the same pulsating and exciting style, four remixed tracks from the long outta print "Santo Sings" 7" ep (originally released in 1992) plus two brand new pork fat filtered cuts recorded exclusively for this set earlier this year at the world famous Tijuana Bar, Grill & Massage Parlor. But these are more than merely songs "to remember wrestling by" they are marvelous vocal and instrumental arrangements featuring SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS with the kind of driving solos that make bands sweat. And as if that weren't enough spanky, the whole enchilada comes wrapped inna full-color Alex Wald rendered slipcase! Vinyl hounds take note....the 7" set comes complete with a batch of cut-out, stand-up wrestling figures of SCOTS, SANTO and a multitude of Mexican monsters and villains so you can stage yer very own mat burning big ring battles's more fun than a barrel fulla backribs! But, you don't have to take our word for it, just play the record for yourself! Quality entertainment for the whole family sanctioned by the Mexican Wrestling Federation.