THE MUMMIES: "Runnin' On Empty Vol. 2"  ES94018 LP-ONLY

es94018Estrus Records is proud to follow up The Mummies' last efforts at social security with this final volume of slop...THE MUMMIES "Running On Empty Vol. 2" LP. Side One of this musty maelstrom consists of selections from limited edition 7" releases (500 copies or less), and the flip wraps things up with that sincerest form of flattery: the Bootleg. That's right alla the scratch from those pesky "fan club" 7" releases that have filtered out over the past few years, all re-mastered using the "sonic-aneurism" system developed specifically for this release by crack Estrus audio engineers...uh, yeah. So grab a fork and join the wrapped wonders of waste in one last musical shitfest with THE MUMMIES "Running On Empty Vol. 2" LP.